Gaston Lagaffe – Popular Acceptance

Charlie Chaplin was very popular with regards to comedy acting and very funny scene, even though at that time the movie has no vocals. You cannot hear the conversation; it was all about acting by just watching their actions you can almost jump off to your couch to laugh. Nonetheless, all these ideas begun in acting on the stage, later to preserve the tradition of the entertainment, they invented comics and many cartoonists was inspired to draw their respective character to give delight to readers and followers like you.

Credit to Arnaud Borrel

However as entertainment industry flourishes, television became very popular to home viewing and so the comedy genre also flows in the innovation of technology. In the past there are only simple concept in comedy genre, there is the actor and his colleague and punch line jokes. It will be forever genre in the industry; comedy will always be there even in action movies, inserted in drama, or adult movies or perhaps in the thriller. Comedy genre will always be created to entertain viewers and so the creation of Gaston Lagaffe, as it celebrated its 60 years of entertainment in comics. Finally we can watch this popular cartoon in real movie starring Theo Fernandez, who will act as Gaston.

Gaston Lagaffe features lots of episodes whether in the books or in the cartoons, nonetheless it’s always very fascinating there are plots and scene that really captivates the attention of the viewers and that’s the strength of the Gaston Lagaffe cartoon series. Of course, this may not be compared to some popular comic like MCU or DCU but the idea is the thoughts and never ending story which are seen in the comics are forever. MCU created Avengers, Thor, Hulk, Spider Man, Iron Man and many others. While DCU created Batman, Dark Knight, Super Man, The Flash and many others it all started in the comic and then cartoons and so Gaston Lagaffe as its heights has come to fruition to give us great movie for real.

Gaston Lagaffe film really gets its idea from the cartoon and it is totally filled with humor. Imagine the whole office worker must put something in their head to avoid getting hit a bird poop. The question is what is the bird doing inside the office, the very reason probably of Gaston who loves cats, birds, and cows. Although at that time Gaston just having a great time sleeping in the stock room. As long as he finishes his job, he would go back to sleep and you know what’s next, he just sleep everywhere, where he felt comfortable.

I don’t know if Gaston Lagaffe has a home but surely this guy has no problem with living or resting to some spot whether in comfort room or outside the office. One thing is certain that Gaston is a human being that will also desire for someone who wants to be with and his heart beats on Jeanne, an officemate who is fair lady in a nerdy look.

Fans who have been following Gaston Lagaffe are so excited to watch their favorite character real film and Regarder Gaston Lagaffe en streaming. It is expected as well that after this first live movie, if they continue to support the movie. There are plenty of speculations that this movie will be a great hit in France and since this character has been with them in 60 years from comic and cartoons episode.

Details Stuff About this Movie

Feature film
Genres : Fiction
Sub-genre : Comedy
Production language : French
Coproducer countries : France, Belgium
Original French-language productions : Yes
Nationality : 100% French (France, Belgium)
Production year : 2017
French release : 04/04/2018
Runtime : 1 h 24 min
Current status : Upcoming release
Visa number : 146.496
Approval : Yes
Color type : Color
Aspect ratio : 1.85
Audio format : 5.1

While the cartoon is short in each episode but in each episode there are many gag which makes viewers to laugh and guess what fans are always following the series, since it is very popular in Europe, they have a great reputation to give fans great comedy scene. While in the west they created funny cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Duffy Duck, Dexter Laboratory, and Johnny Bravo, they have different concept of entertainment and showing humor to viewers. Although these cartoons are viewed in different audiences, because they have different idea. Now for all kinds of viewer Johnny Bravo has a good reputation for fans but you have not notice yet that they have not created any movie for Johnny Bravo but for Gaston Lagaffe this is a great breakthrough for any cartoons that can have a live movie, especially this hour.

To be honest, since Japan is popular with creating live movie from their favorite and popular manga and anime. And so French cartoon like Gaston Lagaffe is in the right time of the season. So this season let us join together to watch your favorite Gaston Lagaffe in the big screen. If you can observe, the movie trailer is so colorful, the scene is full of humor and very unpredictable but very funny which will lead fans to anticipate to watch the movie in the local cinema. On the other hand if you cannot watch the movie on local cinemas, you can take advantage of Gaston Lagaffe stream online and watch it in HD quality for free.