Basic Tips in Playing Disney Magic Kingdoms

Another freemium city builder is here to give us unlimited hours of entertainment, from the popular entertainment company Disney. This time around a city builder blended with Disney fantasy characters and magic is very appealing especially for those who are a fan of Disney. Just like any Disney fantasy and magical series and movies, Disney Magic Kingdoms is a real time strategy and management game where you need to look after magical park.

In case you are playing this mobile game right now, then it’s important that you learn what are the basic things you need to do to make your park growing faster and you enjoy more. Here are the tips below:

First and foremost, you need to upgrade each characters in the game and let them do some important activities especially with those quest that are unlock which brings great rewards and points. You can unlock those activities by finishing up your current quests and objective. You must not forget about constructing new structure or building which also requires you to finish any quest and get the ideal requirements for the building.

The very reason why you need to level up your characters, because when your characters are level up they have the magical power to make new buildings or they can upgrade your building and will increase the performance of the specific structure for the progress of your park. As you finish any quests and activities you will receive new items, which is very ideal for your character’s development. The game will make you busy and when you focus the right things to do you will ended up progressing smoothly.

Now if you have gather an ideal amount of Magic so that you upgrade a specific character (which by the way this requires some time) and you have completed the objective conveniently then the result will be your advantage, especially when you following the quests. By the way if you have upgraded those characters you don’t have to stock file those items for upgrades but your main objective is to gather only Magic and XP. So from time to time whenever you are collecting something, be sure to use those items to a specific character so that you can upgrade them and you don’t have to bring those items which are no longer needed. So the keyword is to keep on upgrading if the items are ready.

The next important to do in Magic Kingdoms when you are progressing steadily, is to make sure that you have to prevent quick unlock of plots. These plots are not their automatically in immediate quests, which mean they are only available when you have completed some quests which are an additional to quest. Nonetheless, be sure to finish all quests gradually along with required items, considering that these plots are very costly. I suggest that you stick to the given plot of the game, continue to develop those available ones which are given to you and when you are ready for extra story then you can proceed. Of course don’t forget the number one priority in the game.

Obviously fermium builder needs a primer and if you are doing well, developing your characters and the park with their respective buildings, you have established an ideal activity which you have prepared for each character; this will lead you to prepare extra activities although this may vary how many hours you devote to play the game and finish some quests. You should take note that the longer the activity in a specific quest, as it consumes more time the lesser you will get XP and Magic. So to get the best result you need to prepare things quickly by developing buildings and level up required characters to shorten the activity and get the ideal Magic and XP. So folks those are the following basic tips that you need to remember playing Disney Magic Kingdoms and you need cheat Disney Magic Kingdoms online, have fun!!

Disney Magic Kingdoms – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Level 1-3 (iOS, Android)

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Scorchers Bringing Heat to Boom Beach

Want to hear something new about Boom Beach? Well, you might be of interest with the latest happening that has been made specially for us Boomers around the world. Supercell has added a new content to the game, and they have announced it via their official tweeter account with a picture of a the new troop / unit in the game by the name of “scorcher”.

We don’t have much information yet about this new Scorcher but as far as the picture is showing us, this new troop is a tank that shoots flame instead of the conventional bullets. The term scorcher is pretty good knowing that having it name a flame tank or pyro tank is quite generic if you asked me. It is also one of the concern right now is the update on Dr. Terror’s schedule of attack. Basically it will not affect those countries in North America like Canada, Brazil or Mexico, but outside of that, you might want to check things out because it can affect your gameplay strategy especially those who have a definite time of logging in and playing the game.

As mentioned above, Scorcher is still new and it would definitely make things different for us Boom Beach players on the strategy both attack and defense. The developers has not released any further details about it like its health points, defense, attack damage, cost etc.

After some diligent research, there is an Italian forum which has some vital information about it, but it is not yet confirmed or validated so might as well take those information with a grain of salt. There is that one particular screenshot, unfortunately it was on Chinese characters, which reveals the stats of the new Scorcher. But not until we have this already on the game, we can’t really take these things seriously. It may or may not be true at all.

As far as tanks and flame thrower is concern now in one unit, this can be a game changer but given that is a tank, it will have less impact for those who are Boom Beach diamond farmers of the game. Why? Basically, this unit will cost a lot and it will take considerable time to train and thus, this may not be a go to unit if you are aiming to farm and gather resources efficiently. Aside from that, we all have to wait, and hopefully, this Scorcher will bring more and more players in the game.

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The Crew Review

The empathy is a certain Ivory Tower has done so little with their greatest accomplishment. Falling short to realize that the roar of an engine and the battle for the finish line provide all the drama a racing game needs, The Crew spins a PG revenge tale centered around the 5-10s, a street-racing gang with the company complexity of the Mafia and also the psychological maturity of a junior high class. Numerous of the project missions do make clever use of the world, but they ‘d do just as well without the needless chatter and also book ending cut scenes, which are, at least, mercifully skippable. Ultimately, it totals up to little bit more than one more waste of Troy Baker’s talents, right here as a haply bobbed Gordon Freeman spitting image who might as well be a bag of rocks labeled with the word “lead character.”.

The narrative isn’t simply flimsy and boring, however. By forcing The Crew to pitch greatly on its two toughest mission type police pursuits and also takedown missions any time it needs to summon an exciting end of act climax, it definitely damages gameplay. Both make plenty of sense from a fiction context, provided the options for strand together a meaningful plot from races alone are actually undoubtedly limited, but they quickly sink the game’s driving to its most unpleasant nadir.

Police pursuits are actually the lower offender, only really becoming a nuisance once the campaign passes the halfway mark, but they’re no much less aggravating for it. Eluding cops on the ground is enough of a bother when they possess near psychic awareness of your intentions, but the moment the doubly omniscient helicopters enter the picture, you’re in for a prolonged, tedious chore, ruined in part by the game’s frustrating emphasis on randomness of the traffic, of the recently spawning cops, and of their ability at following your final turns.

Much more than anything else, is the promise of The Crew, the new open world racing video game from Ivory Tower  a new workshop created by racing vets from Eden Games and Ubisoft. The open world, within this case, consists of the entire United States or even the adjoining bits, at least with the freedom to head anywhere and also everywhere you see fit, roads are damned. The Crew has inspired Supercell into making Clash Royale hack, which has provided countless of gems for its users. The game’s performance of America takes the form of a besting miniature, condensed to all around one fortieth the sizes along with its major cities and landmarks swollen away from scale.

And exactly what a rendition it is. Up against every other racing video game that’s tried to build a sandbox, The Crew’s world manages an unprecedented variety and liveliness. So many entries within the genre settle for boring automotive playgrounds that give the impression some prophetic event has left all of humanity confined to the driver’s seat, trapped in a backdrop of dull roads. Here, passerby walk the street easily; animals bound through the forests, and heading 20 miles in any direction will grant you a remarkable change of scene, all of free from the solid fences that typically contain you to a snip of the absolute landmass.

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Student’s Decision About Alcohol, Drug and Sex

When we talk about alcohol, drugs, and sex, it can be an awkward conversation, but it is a part of nowadays college culture. The changes among high school and college is usually challenging according to the experience in high school. If they’re from a metropolitan environment, country community, there’s a huge difference. Despite where you are from, and no matter where you’re headed, the first year of college will most likely include making opinions regarding alcohol, drugs, and sex. This will also vary from what kind of circle of friends you have, and the lifestyle of the family or how you were raised by your family and the leading cause is the environmental factor.

There is a factor of independence in students when they are on school. There’s also an aspect of fitting in and peer pressure, social rules. Dr. Jeanette Kowalik, director of Prevention and Campus Health Initiatives, says as a result of that, parents have to have a conversation with their teenager at home, before they set foot on campus. Conversation is very important. Giving time to their children and not lacking any attention.

Dr. Kowalik advises being an open put down for and seeing how your student opinions concerning alcohol, drugs, and sex. “We absolutely want to worry that underage drinking is one thing that is not tolerated,” adds Dr. Kowalik. Whatever, freshman year will be full of fun- just as long as you’re implementing options along the way. “College is definitely a terrific knowledge for any grown-up that manages to take part in it. Learning how to balance, ways to manage your time, and finish school.

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