Basic Tips in Playing Disney Magic Kingdoms

Another freemium city builder is here to give us unlimited hours of entertainment, from the popular entertainment company Disney. This time around a city builder blended with Disney fantasy characters and magic is very appealing especially for those who are a fan of Disney. Just like any Disney fantasy and magical series and movies, Disney Magic Kingdoms is a real time strategy and management game where you need to look after magical park.

In case you are playing this mobile game right now, then it’s important that you learn what are the basic things you need to do to make your park growing faster and you enjoy more. Here are the tips below:

First and foremost, you need to upgrade each characters in the game and let them do some important activities especially with those quest that are unlock which brings great rewards and points. You can unlock those activities by finishing up your current quests and objective. You must not forget about constructing new structure or building which also requires you to finish any quest and get the ideal requirements for the building.

The very reason why you need to level up your characters, because when your characters are level up they have the magical power to make new buildings or they can upgrade your building and will increase the performance of the specific structure for the progress of your park. As you finish any quests and activities you will receive new items, which is very ideal for your character’s development. The game will make you busy and when you focus the right things to do you will ended up progressing smoothly.

Now if you have gather an ideal amount of Magic so that you upgrade a specific character (which by the way this requires some time) and you have completed the objective conveniently then the result will be your advantage, especially when you following the quests. By the way if you have upgraded those characters you don’t have to stock file those items for upgrades but your main objective is to gather only Magic and XP. So from time to time whenever you are collecting something, be sure to use those items to a specific character so that you can upgrade them and you don’t have to bring those items which are no longer needed. So the keyword is to keep on upgrading if the items are ready.

The next important to do in Magic Kingdoms when you are progressing steadily, is to make sure that you have to prevent quick unlock of plots. These plots are not their automatically in immediate quests, which mean they are only available when you have completed some quests which are an additional to quest. Nonetheless, be sure to finish all quests gradually along with required items, considering that these plots are very costly. I suggest that you stick to the given plot of the game, continue to develop those available ones which are given to you and when you are ready for extra story then you can proceed. Of course don’t forget the number one priority in the game.

Obviously fermium builder needs a primer and if you are doing well, developing your characters and the park with their respective buildings, you have established an ideal activity which you have prepared for each character; this will lead you to prepare extra activities although this may vary how many hours you devote to play the game and finish some quests. You should take note that the longer the activity in a specific quest, as it consumes more time the lesser you will get XP and Magic. So to get the best result you need to prepare things quickly by developing buildings and level up required characters to shorten the activity and get the ideal Magic and XP. So folks those are the following basic tips that you need to remember playing Disney Magic Kingdoms and you need cheat Disney Magic Kingdoms online, have fun!!

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