Despicable Me 3 Latest Update

Illumination once more is back for the third sequel of the movie Despicable Me. Who does not love this movie? Because of its villain-hero type hilarious character Gru and along with the cute little minions, they are back and they are ready to make our day for our home viewing and this time around new story and minions supporting their boss Gru.

In the trailer, you can see Gru reading a newspaper where there is a written title of the article “Bratt Steal World’s Biggest Diamond”. Now let find out what’s the next thing about Despicable Me 3. In the story Balthazar Bratt is so proud of stealing the biggest diamond in the whole world and because of that Gru was fired in his job as an agent. Now Agnes started to sale staffs just to help his Uncle Gru. As usual Gru in his typical high tech device prank throw away a messenger which has a message for Gru and was revealed that Gru has a twin brother. And so together Gru, kids, and the Minions must fly to his villain brother to answer the call.

As they arrive at the house of Dru, Gru’s twin brother, you can see the resemblance of their faces but still they have differences such as the hair and clothing. While Gru is bald and wear dark color, Dru has long golden hair and wears white clothes. As the kids and the wife of Gru roam around the house of Dru, it looks very nice, in order full of colors and of course very high tech. Now the twins have their moments together and Dru start to remind Gru that villainy is in his blood. As they walk in the underground there are some monuments of their ancestors with different looks and carvings.

As Dru offered him once more to continue to live as a villain, Gru answer “I left it behind me” although in his gut he fills the exciting of rejoining his twin brother for some villainy action. Later Gru and Dru are in their uniform ready to do some action. One good thing about the movie is that you can see those cute minions who are talking to Gru and convincing him to go back as a villain. However, Gru replied, that he is not going to go back to his villain life, simply because of his love for the kids and for his beautiful wife. We can expect great thing about this movie Despicable Me 3, especially Gru has now a new rival Bratt. We may observe that Gru failed to stop Bratt from stealing the Diamond but we all know that Gru is far from being rusty in his inventions, technology and intellect. This movie together with Gru, Dru, the Minions and the kids will make our day absolutely great.

So if you want to watch the movie you can check out this link for the release of the move and have fun together with your family, and friends. Let us see Gru continue to do his mission with fun. Enjoy Despicable Me.

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